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How Our Firm Can Better Serve YouIndividual & Families

Whether it relates to retirement planning, tax considerations, estate planning, or asset management, our independence enables us to present an extensive array of options aimed at securing your financial future. Let's work together towards a brighter future. 

<h3>Retirement Planning</h3><br/>

Retirement Planning

Starting with a detailed plan, no matter the scale of the dream, is crucial, and though retirement may appear distant, taking small steps now can profoundly influence future goals, with the guidance of a financial advisor offering invaluable insights into your retirement journey.

  • Goal setting
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment strategy & more
<h3>Professional Money Management</h3>

Professional Money Management

Ensuring a meticulous planning approach is essential alongside a comprehensive view, as our advisors specialize in pinpointing and rectifying portfolio gaps, uncovering avenues for advancement, all with the paramount aim of positioning our clients for success.

  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Risk management
  • Performance monitoring
<h3>Investment Planning</h3>

Investment Planning

Our financial advisors are dedicated to helping clients make wise choices that build wealth, achieve dreams, and secure retirement, offering the clarity and guidance needed for informed decision-making regardless of market conditions.

  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset allocation
<h3>Education Planning</h3>

Education Planning

From mapping out savings strategies to navigating college funding options, our expert advisors will guide you every step of the way.

  • College Savings Plans  529 plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), etc. 
  • Financial aid planning
  • Tax optimization
<h3>Estate Tax Planning</h3>

Estate Tax Planning

Estate planning is the timeless act of ensuring wealth and familial prosperity for future generations, thereby cultivating a lasting legacy.

  • Asset protection
  • Coordination with legal professionals:
  • Trust administration
<h3>Individual Insurance (Life, Disability, &#38; Long Term Care)</h3>

Individual Insurance (Life, Disability, & Long Term Care)

Life, disability, and long-term care insurance provide essential safeguards against life's uncertainties, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind. 

  • Insurance needs assessment
  • Policy comparison and review
  • Policy integration with financial plan

How we can help you growBusinesses

In the world of business, we understand the importance of retirement planning, navigating taxes, estate arrangements, and managing assets. Learn how our wealth management practice can play a role in your firm.

<h3>Employee Benefit Design (Group Health, Disability, &#38; Life)</h3>

Employee Benefit Design (Group Health, Disability, & Life)

Invest in your employees' future and strengthen your company's success with FFP's employee benefit design services.

<h3>Business Insurance Analysis</h3>

Business Insurance Analysis

"Protect your business and secure its future with a thorough business insurance analysis.  From property and liability insurance to business interruption and cyber liability coverage, we'll conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance needs and recommend policies that provide the right level of protection.

<h3>Business Succession Planning</h3>

Business Succession Planning

Whether you're preparing for retirement, passing the business to family members, or selling to a third party, we'll guide you through the process, identifying key stakeholders, addressing potential challenges, and creating a seamless transition strategy.

<h3>Executive Deferred Compensation Plans</h3>

Executive Deferred Compensation Plans

Deferred bonuses and stock options to retirement savings vehicles, we'll create a plan that meets the unique needs of your executives and strengthens your company's competitive edge.

What We DoWe help you navigate the complex world of finance

Future Financial Planners (FFP) Wealth Managenent, Inc. is a full-service independent financial planning organization that specializes in indepth financial planning and asset management for individuals, families, and small businesses.


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