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Estate Planning

<sup>Growing Wealth Into the Future</sup>Building For The Next Generation

Growing Wealth Into the FutureBuilding For The Next Generation

Cultivating a lasting legacy for future generations is a timeless gift. Estate planning serves as the intersection between wealth, family, and ensuring prosperity for the future. 

<sup>Creating A Lasting Legacy</sup>Wills and Trusts

Creating A Lasting LegacyWills and Trusts

Your legacy starts and ends with your values. When it comes to wills and trusts, they can serve as mechanisms to pass on those values to the people you truly care about. When you work with financial advisor like at FFP they will help you make informed decisions about asset distribution, tax implications, and estate planning strategies. 

<sup>Providing to the next Generation</sup>Estate Balancing

Providing to the next GenerationEstate Balancing

When it comes to having a balanced estate where everyone feels accounted for, having a financial advisor can help you assess your assets and create an approach where you are leaving behind a legacy that continues harmony with your loved ones.

Brainstorm: What might your estate look like?

  • Real estate
  • Personal property (vehicles, jewelry, sentimental items, or  etc.)
  • Financial assets (such as bank accounts, investments, stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts)
<sup><span>Design Your Impact</span></sup>Beneficiary Designations

Design Your ImpactBeneficiary Designations

Expressing your feelings on paper and ensuring everything is prepared for your loved ones defines peace of mind. Additionally, having a financial advisor to coordinate, review, and update changes to your beneficiary designations ensures nothing is overlooked, making it equally invaluable.

We've created a document to give an overview of how Living Trust works. Click the link below if you would like a more in-depth perspective on trusts.

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